On the Mount of Olives in the Ma’ale HaZeitim neighborhood overlooking our shrine, in anticipation of returning to work, we soon accepted the commandments of the high priests, Rabbi Hafetz Chaim and Rabbi Kook, who called for preparing and preparing for the return to work by studying the Torah of the Holy To him from all circles to unite in the sacred work of the Talmud Torat HaKedeshim.

This is what the late Rabbi Kook wrote in his letter: The foundation of the resurrection of the nation must, in spite of all its secular forms, be based on its sacred source, which is the nation’s aspiration to re-understand all sanctification tactics. And with great faith in permanence and without pause and weakness …. The demand to do, Seder Kadshim, a distinct profession, and especially to all the virtuous individuals among the wise disciples among the priests and Levites, has always been among Israel, in a modest frequency, Prominent.


Beit Midrash study in memory of Moshe and   Matilda Heller z”l

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