About The Kolel

The Ma’ale HaZeitim neighborhood was built by Mr. Erwin Moskowitz, who purchased the place from a Chabad shrine. With the founding of the neighborhood [in 2007], Mr. Yehezkel Heller initiated the establishment of a kollel among the residents of the neighborhood so that the Torah could be heard on the Mount of Olives in front of the Temple Mount. He turned to Rabbi Yaakov Wolf The purpose of the kollel was to fulfill the will of Chafetz Chaim and Rabbi Kook ztl.

The beit midrash accepts students who have studied at least eight years of study and hard work.

In the beginning there was a small group of wise students who took on the task. Over the years, the Beit Midrash has grown to 13 students, some of them rabbis who taught in yeshivas, some of whom studied before dayanot.

In the Beit Midrash, entire Tractates from the Seder Kedashim were studied carefully and diligently, and a weekly lesson was given summarizing what was being studied. Learners write articles and issues in an annual booklet that is published every year and is called ‘Nayot Barama’. In addition, there is a daily study of morality, in which the students went through the books of the object of life, the life of the soul, the duties of the heart and a complete stone.

The neighborhood of Ma’ale HaZeitim and the Temple Mount at a glance.

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