The importance of studying Kodashim

The late Rabbi Kook wrote a letter to the Torat Cohanim Institute regarding the study of the Kaddishim

The inner view of seeing priests in their work and Levites in their pulpit and Israel in their status, this is the element that carries the whole resurrection, to all its sections, near and far.

And in eight files:

The power that revives the soul of Israel, is the wonderful longing for the building of the Temple, and for the restoration of its glory in the purpose of its ideal wholeness that hopes, that only this viewing exalts the spirit of all generations, And at this high point all the life-goat of the nation’s connection to the Land of Israel is hidden.

Stories about the Chafetz Chaim, who came to him about 130 years ago and told him that Jews were establishing agricultural colonies in the Land of Israel, responded: “This is it! It’s time to study Kaddishim. His books ‘Likutei Halachot’ on the issues of the shrines in Shas, on the grounds that it is impossible to ask for the building of the Temple without being ready for work.

Here up the olives overlooking the Temple Mount, we feel this duty of preparation for building the house. And so, as a continuation of the will of the High Priest from his brethren, and with the encouragement of the great men of Torah, we established a Beit Midrash to deal with the issues of the Holy and the Temple.

In the Beit Midrash, the students work in the valleys of the complicated issues of the Order of Wisdom, the Order of the Holy of Holies, and from their pens, in-depth booklets have been published on these issues called

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